What's about me


Weel, at start, my name is Francois Desfosses, i am a french canadian, living in Quebec.  i have 2 kids, as shown in the image rotation above and i am a married man, so sory girls! im taken!


In my woungest days, i was very sport oriented. i own a black belt in Karate, Kyokushin. I was also adept of bicycle, verry well equiped, i was doing offroad during night! Then came the love of my life, and follwed by 2 kids! what an awsome discovery, and at the same time, what a change in life!


the next couple years where devoted to my family, providing them support, assistance and needless to say, money! of course, all my previous sports, had to take a beat down. and all my time was devoted to them. as they grew older, i needed to re-adjust my style of living and i kept providing them support as i could.


mixed in this, my career, as a IT specialist grew! that's so awsome. started as a service desk agent, taking calls to help people, then slowly, climbed the ladder to bigger responsability and higher position, i played different roles in severals company, nowdays, i am a Linux system administrator, playing with Linux server in the Amazon cloud computing! is in that beautifull ? ;-)


i met my wife 21 years ago, and we are still together, sharing the same dreams/goals. we are supportive of each others and we devote our time and ressources to our kids, to make them strong in life. we do beleive that a strong family will get them a good start! no, our kids are 15 and 14 years old, my daughter is a sport lover, she plays soccer, basketballs, she is also a referee in soccer! my son is pretty much following my steps in computer, but also have interest in volleyball at school. they both started a the same scholl but now, they went different ways, thats what life is about!


now tha tthe kids are older, we are cherishing new goals, my wife and me. she is returning to school, to complete her degree, and i have a new sport! skydiving!


in our spare time, we like to party, we invite friends for karaoke party! see the other tabs for information!


that's what's about me!