This is what i am doing for living


i am a IT specialist, i've been dealing with severals company, worked at private business and provincial government. i did started as a developper, then technical support and ended up as a System administrator. i have HP-UX certifications Unix, and now i am a full time Cloud administrator, with Linux Centos servers in amazon and ibm softlayer cloud computing.


i also was a huge gamer, played WoW for 7 years, started with the beta release, been playing wow in vanilla! also was a huge fan of FPS, played Quake2, back in the days when we where in dialup connection. we had a clan, that we owned with other co-worker before i was an IT specialist. i played quake or FPS game for several years, i almost tried them all. i had good time during this time. then, the passion became a work, and slowly, the gaming took a beat down. i wasnt attracted as much as i was before but i allways kept myself in touch with the hardware side, what was comming, top of the edge component, and still today, i am top of the edge on the hardware. it is still my job! so i got to keep it up!


now,, i do own my own domain,, before that, i owned i do have my own OLD LAPTOP that serves as a server, which is my own domain email container, is hosted at my place, i do provide my own email domain as well. so i am independent! that is so beautifull! this is quite cool to have your email address like your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! i love it!